One Piece Manga 1080 Release Date and Time

The One Piece Chapter 1080 release date and time have been delayed. Many fans have been wondering what’s going to happen with the next issue of the manga, with some even going so far to try to find spoilers. But they’re going to need to wait a little longer before being able to read Chapter 1080.

What is the One Piece Chapter 1080 release date and time?

The scheduled release date and time for One Piece Chapter 1080 is Sunday, April 9, at 8 am PST, after being postponed for a week from its original release date of April 2, for reasons that have not been disclosed. According to the Japanese site MangaPlus, the manga will be available globally at the same time, which are as follows:

Pacific Time (PST) - 8:00 am on April 9
Eastern Time (ET) - 11:00 am on April 9
British Time (BST) - 4:00 pm on April 9
European Time (CEST) - 5:00 pm on April 9

One Piece Chapter 1080 Feedback

In Chapter 1080, we can expect to witness the consequences of the fight between Shanks and Kid, alongside a storyline involving Egghead Island. Additionally, it's highly anticipated that we may finally discover the identity of the individuals onboard a vessel affiliated with the Blackbeard pirates. Furthermore, the chapter could potentially feature Robin, Atlas, and Chopper battling against York. I have a disquieting suspicion that the final Road Poneglyph, which has been declared lost, may not be hidden on Elbaf or another obscure location known only to the Roger Pirates, as many fans have speculated. Instead, it could be concealed on Egghead Island, which is why nobody has discovered it accidentally over the years, and why the Vegapunks have taken every Cipher pol-Member into custody. It's worth pondering over Stella's interest in the Straw Hat pirates, and her impending extermination for Poneglyph research, as well as York's orders to spare a specific room (which would expose the Road Poneglyph) and her desire to annihilate everyone except herself and Stella, with the intention of handing over the information to the Gorosei or Teach on a silver platter. This would provide her with an unshakable insurance policy, and allow her to accomplish her objectives using Teach's knowledge and Poneglyph, along with the three rubbings obtained by the Straw Hats, in order to reveal the way to Laugh Tale.

One Piece 1080 prediction

If it is indeed Teach who is heading towards Egghead, then it means he has defeated Law and acquired his three rubbings, along with the knowledge that the final Road Poneglyph is located on Egghead (perhaps through York's intervention). Considering that we are in the Final Saga, and Oda has previously stated that a war is forthcoming that will make Marineford seem insignificant, the arrival of Kizaru, Saturn, and 100 Marine battleships makes it increasingly plausible that the Gorosei are also aware of the Poneglyph's existence.

All of these pieces fit together perfectly and would be incredibly shocking, as previously mentioned. Egghead Island could be the catalyst for the final journey, with everything at stake. The faction that emerges victorious from this war and successfully leaves Egghead with the information will hold the key to the kingdom. It remains to be seen which group - the World Government, Marines, Straw Hat pirates, Blackbeard pirates, or Revolutionary Army - will emerge victorious.

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