Seishiro Nagi

When he first arrived to Blue Lock he was a member of Team V and was the best player in his designated stratum. After the Blue Lock Eleven played against the Japan U-20, Nagi is ranked as one of the top players in Blue Lock. Nagi currently plays rightwing for Manshine City in the Neo Egoist League.



  • Creative Midfielder: Creative midfielders are midfield players that are able to create goal-scoring opportunities for the team often in situations where nothing seems likely. They usually have good ball control, passing ability and movement and will be blessed with vision and on-the-ball intelligence.

With Nagi's, perfect ball control, flexible movements, and technical ability he is able to breathe life into even the most difficult or hopeless plays. He alone has made the most outrageous goals in Blue Lock due to this skill and he continues to evolve into a creative playmaker. After training with Manshine City and coming to understand his strengths and weaknesses more, Nagi is much stronger physically, has more refined trapping and ball control, and personally takes the initiative in creating his own plays instead of just being a part of someone else's.


Perfect Ball Control: In football, to be in control of the ball is of great importance to every level of player. The ability to control an awkward bouncing ball quickly and effectively gives the player with the ball the immediate advantage. The first touch is often the difference between success and failure in most situations during the match. Nagi has exceptional ball control and demonstrates it on a constant basis by setting up traps and scoring with near pin-point accuracy. He constantly scores high level shots, especially in unfavorable positions, when under pressure from tough opponents. One of his most impressive feats is when he performed a fake volley shot. His ability to control the ball is only rivaled by Itoshi Rin and Tabito Karasu and is one of the few things that escapes Rin's logic. Because of his natural sense for controlling the ball with his own body, Nagi is a truly prodigal talent, being one of the top players in Blue Lock despite only having recently started playing football, shortly before the program. After undergoing analysis by Chris Prince, Nagi understands the fundamentals of his ball control and has become more refined.

  • First Touch Pass: Using his exceptional ball control, Nagi is able to use his first touch to make a creative pass to a teammate. Nagi often comes up new ways of laying off the ball, whether it be with his chest or the tip/side/heel of his foot. What makes Nagi such a creative player is his ability to turn any kind of pass into a potential attack. No matter the quality or attributes of the pass he is sent, he can pass it effectively into a dangerous area. This skill has been demonstrated numerous times, most notably when he controlled Isagi's difficult pass during the match against the Japan U-20, using his heel to flick the ball on to a charging Isagi, over the heads of the U-20 defense.

Trapping: Even before Blue Lock, Nagi has had exceptional trapping ability, being able to trap a cell phone in mid air, whilst jumping down a flight of stairs. This feat in itself was so impressive that Reo immediately recognised his talent for football and decided to make him his partner. He can trap with his entire body, with deadly efficiency, constantly finding ways to turn a bad situation into something favorable. Nagi has trapped the ball using his toes, heels and even his back, demonstrating the versatility of his trapping. He can trap virtually any object and he often uses his trapping to manipulate and confuse his opponents when making a run down the field; Which combines with his spatial awareness to place himself at the best point possible for amazing traps and follow up shots. After training in the Neo Egoist League, Nagi's trapping has evolved with him being able to trap while being pressured by two defenders and trap a high power close pass while moving at great speeds easily.

  • Creative Trap: When Nagi approaches the ball with a defender behind him, he can use his first touch to flick the ball over their shoulder and dodge past them. Isagi described this as a creating trap, which blows life into a play.
  • Black Hole Trap: Alternatively, if Nagi is not pressured by his opponent he can use an absorbing trap, catching the ball in mid-air and killing it's momentum. This gives him the time and space to set up his next play.
  • Trap Shot: This is his most common skill and he frequently uses it in his matches. Nagi first performs a trap with the ball, whether it is in motion or not. From this point he kills the velocity and momentum of the ball so he can manipulate the ball and make a pinpoint shot that breaks the defense of the opposing team and scores an effortless point.
  • Zero Reset Turn: While being pressured by multiple defenders, Nagi is able to hold them back while perfectly trapping an incoming ball then turning instantly to move the ball away from the defenders and charge through them, resetting the flow of the game midplay.
  • Juggling Shot: After trapping a ball while moving and giving it airtime, Nagi is able to relax his body in midair, move his legs around the ball, and kicking the ball with extreme force performing a monstrous volley shot.

Flow State (Incomplete): Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Nagi has entered Flow State numerous times in Blue Lock sometimes intentionally and others times unintentionally but he has still yet to master it. His most impressive feat in Flow State was the Fake Volley Shot.

  • 2 Stage Fake Volley Shot: First performed in the rematch between Isagi's Team White vs. Rin's Team Red, when Nagi was pressured to score and prove his worth on the field in such a high level game. Nagi starts by setting up a high powered shot from an incoming pass but at the last second changes the angle of the shot to send the ball spinning in the air. The speed of the ball's spin makes it float in place, allowing Nagi to follow up with a high powered shot. Rin himself could not predict or counter the move and it was good enough to provoke him into getting serious. Anri when she first saw it described it as a miracle but Ego suggested it was a move possible because of Flow State.

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