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Atlas, also designated as Punk-05, is one of the six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, embodying his aspect of "violence". Atlas is an extremely large girl, appearing to be as tall as Kaidou according to Luffy, with a young appearance. She has short curly hair, with the left side of it being dark colored and the right side being light; she has a very long curl of hair on each side of her head that runs down to her belly. She appears to have a long, bushy tail on her abdomen. She wears a short dark dress with her number on it as well as a downward-pointing arrow on the front.

She also wears dark boots, dark gloves with light sleeves attached, an earpiece enabling communication with the other satellites, and a large jetpack on her back. Being designated the “violence” satellite of Vegapunk, Atlas has a short temper and is prone to violence upon getting angry, which has been shown to occur if someone attacks her or if people show an inability to utilize her inventions successfully. She is very talkative and will gladly give detailed explanations on the inner workings of her inventions. She is quite interested in the question of the definition of reality, and though she has a firm view on the matter, she thinks other people need to decide the answer for themselves. She uses the first person pronoun ore, which is typically considered masculine or aggressive, befitting her violent behavior. Being a satellite of Vegapunk, Atlas has been a contributor to the genius scientist’s numerous technological developments. Befitting her large size, Atlas possesses significant strength, as she was able to punch Luffy and send him slamming into a wall with great force, leaving him with bruises. She also possesses great durability, being barely affected by a normal punch from Luffy. Her body made a metallic clanging sound when Luffy struck it, meaning she may wear armor or have cyborg modifications. As one of Vegapunk's satellites, Atlas has access to numerous futuristic equipment and weapons that she and the other satellites have developed. Her gloves, which are called Light-Pressure Gloves, allow her to interact with light as though it is tangible. This will cause the holograms on Egghead to react to her actions as though they were real, such as when she punched a dragon hologram and it recoiled. The jetpack on her back enables her to fly through the air. Atlas encountered Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper, Jinbe, and Jewelry Bonney as they were exploring a portion of Egghead's surface and interacting with the illusory holograms. Thinking she was a hologram, Luffy punched Atlas which caused her to attack back in return. The pirates then came across the Unmanned Cooking Device, and Atlas explained how it worked as well as showing the power of her Light-Pressure Gloves, before introducing herself to the group as Dr. Vegapunk. After the group has had their fill, Atlas left them, returning to her job as being violent, confusing the group.

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