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One Piece Chapter 1065 Manga Release dates

One Piece Chapter 1065 and information will be officially released on November 4th, 2022. You can read the manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media and Manga Plus apps and websites. This 1065 chapter is shocking, stunning, big news, morgan style! What if Law used his fruit to modify his crew members, shachi and penguin specifically? Using his room and surgeon skills to replace their lungs with a Fishman's/animal lungs or something of that nature. Also it was nice seeing bepo contribute using his natural mink features(ears).

One Piece Chapter 1065 Manga Release dates


Hopefully he learned to use electro on Zou, if he didn't already have that. Sulong form too. Surprised no one has yet to bring this up but where the hell is Sentomaru?! He was one of our first introduced haki users and he is supposed to be Vegapunk's bodyguard. I think Oda is asking us to consider how Akainu got this info. We don’t see a marine ship anywhere around Law or Blackbeard. Meaning there is POSSIBLY a marine undercover in the area. I’m thinking it’s kuzan who keeps updating the marines. Blackbeard is one of those guys that improvise on the spot, he knows more or less what he needs to do, but doesn't care about the planning or the details, exactly like Luffy. Have we forgotten how he went to Impel Down and just mere seconds in he was going to get defeated by Magellan? He definitely is that kind of guy. I'm guessing Blackbeard didn't have much of a plan because he wasn't 100% sure which crew he was going to be fighting. He had a 1 in 3 chance, and when he saw Law's crew, he probably had a version of a plan for Luffy and Kid, but didn't much care about Law's crew because everyone underestimates them. Law is the big name in the papers, after all, not Penguin or Bepo. One thing I loved was seeing Bonny use a beam sword. We're definitely on a futuristic island. Auger’s Warp fruit makes me so excited for his future fight against Usopp. Usopp wont be able to run and will have to do some insane observation haki sniping to beat his warping. Bonus points if he unlocks future sight in order to see where he’ll warp too. If Franky is able to upgrade the General Franky into a giant robot the size of Vegapunk’s which dwarfs the Sunny. He might get to to fight the “Colossal Battleship” giant on Blackbeard’s crew. It’s kinda nice that Pudding isn’t hiding her third eye behind her bangs now after her encounter with Sanji. Law fruit and doctor knowledge might let him discover the secret of Blackbeard’s body during their fight. Kuma and Blackbeard share some similar features. Maybe they both are a part of whatever this new race is? If Law, Coby and Blackbeard are all together we might get to find out a bit more about the “Rocky Port incident” since they all had some level of involvement in it. Seeing how Blackbeard has got his crew moving seperately to achieve goals for him kinda makes me hope he’s sent Shiryuu to infiltrate Impel Down. Give the invisible man a stealth mission in a location he’s familiar with. Probably to take Magellan’s poison fruit, but also to free Doflamingo. It’d be hard to fit him in the story again but I just kinda want Doflamingo back in some way. He was under Kaidou before. I could maybe kinda see him allying with Blackbeard now. Since Vegapunk has ties to Dragon now maybe Dragon will be able to pull a Palpatine/Order 66 and turn all the Pacafista/Seraphim against the government at some point.

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