Rensuke Kunigami

He is a hot blooded forward who's main goal is to become the best striker in the world and in turn a football superhero. When first arriving at Blue Lock he was member of Team Z during the First Selection. He was ranked #50 out of the original 300 forwards chosen to be a part of the Blue Lock Project when he was eliminated from Blue Lock during the final games of Second Selection by Ryusei Shidou but instead of leaving the facility he walked into a mysterious "Wild Card" door that was open to him.

After the U-20 match ended, Kunigami finally returned from the "Wild Card" door and during the Neo Egoist League he played as forward for Bastard M√ľnchen.



  • Clinical Finisher: Clinical finishers are forwards that specialize in their accurate shooting ability. They are "clinical" in that they need few opportunities to score a goal being able to strike and place the ball exactly where it will beat the goalkeeper. They can be identified by their high goal to shots ratio. Clinical strikers usually play as center forwards though other attacking players can often be said to be clinical finishers.

Being a high powered left footed shooter, Kunigami is a rare type of striker. Kunigami was tied for top scorer on Team Z during the First Selection, and only because another teammate cheated to get their goals to tie with him. When left unmarked he is guaranteed to make an easy goal. After emerging from his time in Wild Card, Kunigami's physical abilities have been noted to have skyrocketed since his last appearance in Second Selection and he can now use both feet to score albeit his non-dominant kick being weaker. While the rest of the Germany Stratum Blue Lock players struggled to compare to the Bastard Munchen players, Kunigami easily kept up with them during training and ranked amongst the top 3 players in the entire stratum.


Finesse Shot: Kunigami has a near pinpoint power shot, specifically from his left leg, that he uses to score incredibly powerful shots with his standard range for shooting being within 28 meters.

  • Knuckle Shot: From almost 40 meters away from the net, Kunigami shoots with such intense force that he kills the spin of the ball allowing for the shot to curve.
  • Mid-Range Power Shot: When in possession of the ball and holding off two defenders, Kunigami is able to push past his defenders while opening up space for himself and shooting a high powered shot with his right foot, almost scoring an effortless shot
  • Jumping Volley Shot: Kunigami jumps using his physical strength and performs a volley shot while in the air. This shot was performed after Isagi took a bad shot against Manshine City where the angle of the ball went off course and Kunigami instinctively threw himself into the path of the shot and jumped to send a volley shot into the net.

Superior Physicality: Kunigami is one of the handful of forwards in Blue Lock who has a very strong and muscular physique and he uses this to his advantage when driving the ball down the field or marking players to defend. After returning from "Wild Card" and becoming a regular on Bastard Munchen for the Neo Egoist League, Kunigami is more noticeably able to leverage his physique, by trapping the ball midair with his chest between two defenders and pushing past those defenders while holding them back so he could set up his own shot. Kunigami also has better control of his center and upper body reflexes as seen when he was able to keep up with Bachira's improved dribbling ability for a few moments during the Barcha game.

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