Chapter 1074 - Mark 3 One Piece Spoilers

Get the latest updates on the 50 units of new Pacifistas released by Sentomaru and their role in helping the gang escape. Discover what happens as Luffy and Zoro stay behind while the others search for Vegapunk. Follow Bonney as she enters a memory world and witnesses the abuse of young Kuma. Join Vivi with Morgans and Wapol, as Morgans aims to write an article about the Strawhat's "kidnapping" of Vegapunk. 

One Piece Chapter 1074 Confirmed Spoilers
No break next week. Sources: EtenBody on Worstgen and Redon on Unconfirmed information: witness potential bickering between Vivi and Wapol, learn about Sanji's search for Vegapunk, find out if the Pacifistas sent by Sentomaru are Seraphims, and uncover the identity of the traitor on the island. Stay up-to-date on One Piece with our exclusive spoilers.

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