Joy Boy, the First Pirate King

Joy Boy was a man of the surface world who had a significant impact on the history of Fish-Man Island. At some point, he discovered an island, later named Laugh Tale by Gol D. Roger, and left behind a treasure. Joy Boy was a crucial figure of the Void Century, and when Gol D. Roger learned the truth about the history of Laugh Tale, he expressed regret that he and Joy Boy were not alive during the same time period. This implies that Joy Boy, the Great Kingdom, the Ancient Weapons, and the Will of D. are all interconnected, which was confirmed in Chapter 967. Many fans believe that Joy Boy was a significant figure in the Great Kingdom, possibly even its king, and the Clan of D. was an important clan within that kingdom and possibly its rulers. The Ancient Weapons were likely in possession of the kingdom or created by it. There is a popular theory that Joy Boy wore the large straw hat stored in the vault in Mary Geoise. The Ancient Kingdom had plans to destroy the Red Line, promoting unity in the world in "One Piece," which ties back to the fall of Mary Geoise and the prophecy of the destruction of Fish-Man Island and the "promised day," where merfolk would live on the surface with humans and all other races. Chapter 967 has provided solid evidence for what many fans had already speculated: the One Piece was already present at Laugh Tale when Roger arrived there, and it was likely left by Joy Boy and the Ancient Kingdom (although it's still possible that Roger added something to the treasure). To properly utilize the One Piece, it's thought that the three Ancient Weapons are required. This could be one of the reasons why Roger wasn't able to carry out the will of the Ancient Kingdom, as he didn't have enough time. It's worth noting that Shirahoshi wouldn't be born for another decade or so.


The One Piece is said to be a tangible item, meaning that it is a real, physical object and not a symbolic or figurative representation. The person who finds it will discover the True History and become the Pirate King. It is widely believed that the One Piece is located at Laugh Tale. There is a theory that the Ancient Kingdom was actually a kingdom of pirates who sought to explore the world and spread their values of freedom and equality to all races, forming alliances with various groups such as the merfolk, minks, Kouzuki clan, Shandora, etc. This is similar to how Luffy has been gathering allies and freeing islands from oppressive leaders throughout his journey. The theme of freedom is a prominent one in the One Piece story, as Luffy liberates individuals from prisons and dark pasts, frees kingdoms from false histories, tyrants, and collapse. It is believed that the Ancient Kingdom is, in fact, Laugh Tale. This is further supported by the idea that one discovers the True History and all its secrets upon reaching Laugh Tale, as well as the fact that the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, named the island himself. When Professor Clover spoke about the Ancient Kingdom, he hinted at its significance by saying that he was shot just before he could reveal its name. This has sparked speculation and intrigue among readers for years. However, the answer may be simpler than expected: the Ancient Kingdom is the One Piece itself. The person who finds the One Piece will become the King of the Pirates, which makes sense if the Ancient Kingdom was indeed a kingdom of pirates. This also explains why Clover was silenced before he could reveal the name of the Kingdom, as that would have unveiled all the secrets. As Professor Clover stated, "The most crucial piece of information that holds the key to everything is the name of the once-prosperous kingdom." The person who discovers the Ancient Kingdom will become its ruler, armed with the Ancient Weapons and supported by a large group of allies. With their power, they can overthrow the tyrannical World Government and bring about a new era, where the kingdom will be reborn and all races will be united and equal, forming a "One Piece". This ties back to the theory of breaking down the Red Line to create a unified world, both physically and symbolically. The title of King of the Pirates has historically been viewed as a figurative concept, meaning "the person with the most freedom". In reality, it is a literal title, as the King of the Pirates rules over many nations, carrying the will of the great Ancient Kingdom and leading the entire world into a new dawn. We know that Luffy is not interested in conquest, so it remains to be seen what path he will take as the King of the Pirates. It is uncertain if he will have any interest in ruling at all.

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