Uncovering the Truth Behind Jewelry Bonney: The Possibility of Being a Clone

Speculations suggest that Jewelry Bonney could be a clone, given her background as a former inhabitant of the Egghead lab when it was still under normal operations and Dr. Vegapunk was just one person. This leads to the possibility of her being born at Egghead. Being Kuma's daughter, either adopted or biological, and Kuma's involvement with Dr. Vegapunk, it can be inferred that Bonney met Kuma at the lab and lived with him for protection.


jewelry bonney

This also explains the absence of information about her mother and her physical dissimilarity with Kuma. Adding to the mystery, Bonney has been the subject of pursuit by the World Government for unknown reasons. Dr. Vegapunk, known for his numerous inventions, including the replication of Devil Fruits, has the capability to recreate Paramecia types using the user's lineage factors. Bonney's abilities, thus far, have been linked to time. The introduction of a key character in this arc, one of the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons, who confirmed a past encounter with Dr. Vegapunk, only adds to the intrigue. This character's name, Saturn, is the Roman equivalent of Cronos, the "Father Time". Putting the pieces together, it's possible that Dr. Vegapunk once met Saturn to extract his lineage factor for replication, resulting in Jewelry Bonney's Devil Fruit ability being a duplicate of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

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