Building Snake

Building Snake is the navigator and an officer of the Red Hair Pirates.


Snake is a tall and muscular man with long gray hair. He possesses two dragon tattoos: a smaller one on his right forearm and a larger one his right chest. He wears black sunglasses and a white coat.

Twelve years ago, he was was smaller in stature, had shorter, light brown hair and wore orange sunglasses instead. He already had the smaller dragon tattoo on his right forearm.

Abilities and Powers

Snake is an officer of the Red Hair Pirates, giving him authority over lower-ranking members of the crew. Snake is a powerful individual himself, considering how Marine Commodore Brannew described the whole crew as having a high average of bounties. He fights using a two sword style swordsmanship while using acrobatic moves and kicks.


Snake wields two swords, which he juggles around while performing his acrobatic moves.


Snake was already part of the Red Hair Pirates 12 years ago.

Summit War Saga
Marineford Arc

Snake showed up alongside his captain and fellow main fighters of the crew in order to stop the Summit War of Marineford, being ready to jump into action if the fighting kept going.

Four Emperors Saga
From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

After the timeskip, Snake and some members of the Red Hair Pirates were at the ruins of a certain island. He was happy to read the newspaper showing the Straw Hat Pirates' new bounties.

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