Eboshi is the captain of the Jellyfish Pirates. He appears in One Piece Film: Red.


Eboshi is an average-sized man with blond hair that covers one side of his face. He has black tentacle-like tattoos on his forehead, left chest, and left arm. He wears a blue unbuttoned shirt, a purple cape with spiked shoulder pieces, and light blue pants with a belt and a yellow draped garment over them. The yellow garment also has yellow tentacle-like decorations hanging from it and a black logo of a jellyfish. On his head, he wears a magenta bicorne with his crew's jolly roger.

Abilities and Powers

As captain over the Jellyfish Pirates, Eboshi has authority over his crew.


Eboshi wields a cutlass.


Eboshi and his crew participated in Uta's concert on Elegia.

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