Kalifa is a member of CP0.

Prior to being instated into CP0, she was the secretary of Iceburg; as well as the only female member of CP9. After CP9's defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates, she and the rest of CP9 were dismissed by Spandam. For unexplained reasons, she was later reinstated and promoted to CP0. She is also Laskey's daughter.

She was one of the major antagonists during the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arcs.


Kalifa is a slim, pretty woman with blue eyes and glasses. Like Kuro, she often pushes up her glasses. Her strawberry-blonde hair was about shoulder-length when she first infiltrated Water 7, and she grew it out over the years she spent undercover there. She kept it tied up in a bun as a secretary, but let it fall freely when she was revealed to be an assassin.


While undercover as Iceburg's secretary, Kalifa was shown to be a serious and business-like woman, and was seen to be dutifully loyal to Iceburg, accompanying him everywhere to remind him of his mayoral duties and attacking anyone who approached him without the proper respect. She is known for her trademark phrase "That's sexual harassment", which she often uses in entirely inappropriate situations. She is shown to be very bright by the ease with which she anticipates Iceberg's needs, and how well she meets his difficult schedule. She is calm, and tries to diffuse chaotic situations, such as trying to calm Paulie when he was shocked at Nami's revealing outfit.

Abilities and Powers
Physical Abilities

With a Doriki of 630, Kalifa has a high degree of superhuman strength. She employs a kick-based fighting style when not using Rokushiki or Awa Awa no Mi techniques. She possesses formidable leg strength. Alongside Kaku, she could produce a cutting shockwave powerful enough to cut stone walls while using Rankyaku. She could even match Sanji's kicking power, and her attack speed is fast enough to leave residual images after striking. During the attack on Galley-La Headquarters, her fighting style was strongly intertwined with the use of her spiked whip, but she was not seen using this weapon after she ate the Awa Awa no Mi.


Like the other CP9 members, Kalifa has mastered all six techniques of the Rokushiki style. Despite being the weakest member of CP9's assassins, with a Doriki of 630, she is still considered one of CP9's strongest assets.


In Water 7, she showed great skill at using a spiked whip. She could bind Franky, a powerful cyborg, and stop a Sea Train from moving away.

Devil Fruit

Kalifa ate the Awa Awa no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows her to create and control soap bubbles. The bubbles that Kalifa creates are capable of cleaning anything, they can even "clean" the strength off of her opponents. Once an opponents strength has been "cleaned", they are almost completely unable to move. Their strength comes back once the bubbles are no longer on them though.

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