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Kaginote is a member of the Jellyfish Pirates. He appears in One Piece Film: Red.


Kaginote is a slim, pink-skinned man with a long neck, long nose, and narrow eyes. He has a tattoo on his left hand and a tattoo resembling jellyfish tendrils running down his neck and right arm. He wears a black v-neck shirt, purple pants with frilled cuffs, a brown belt with a silver belt loop, brown shoes with metal cuffs, silver hoop earrings, and a peaked magenta cap that reads "UTA" on a pink band. He also wears a black face mask, gold bracelets, and a piece of light blue cloth hanging from his waist, which resembles a jellyfish.


Kaginote wields a cutlass.


One Piece Film: Red
Kaginote and his crewmates participated in Uta's concert on Elegia.


His name is likely derived from the Clinging jellyfish, known in Japanese as kaginotekurage (カギノテクラゲ?). This fits the jellyfish theme of his crew.

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