Benn Beckman

Benn Beckman is the first mate of the Red Hair Pirates.


Beckman is a tall man, standing at a height of 206 cm. Twelve years ago in Foosha Village, his hair was long, light brown (black in the anime) and pulled back in a pony tail. In the current storyline, his hair is now gray, medium-length, and slicked-back. He also now has a large, X-shaped scar on his left temple. He is never seen without his rifle nearby or a cigarette in his mouth.

His outfit has changed very little over the years since his first appearance; he now wears a black, v-neck shirt with three quarter sleeves (whereas he is previously seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt of a similar color and design) along with loose pants (originally of a dark green color, but presently gray) with numerous pockets on them, tucked inside his buckled boots. Like most of the other Red Hair Pirates, he wears a sash around his waist, to which he attaches his rifle in a pistol-like fashion. The only thing added to his attire is his spiral-patterned cloak.


Beckman appears to be a lot less fun-loving and a lot more relaxed than the other members of the crew are, acting as the level-headed member. He, Lucky Roux, and Yasopp are some of Shanks's most trusted crew members, as they are always seen when the Red Hair Pirates are featured, usually when something crucial happens. He is a well-deserved vice-captain who silently supports the crew with a deep attitude despite their liveliness.

At times, Beckman seems amused at the actions of his captain, such as panicking when Luffy is taken or getting even more drunk when he has already drunk a lot before and when Dracule Mihawk brings the news of Luffy's first bounty. He is the first to speak out among the crew whenever they appear. He also seems to be the first to ask questions about the crew's situation, such as whether the World Government would try to stop them from seeing Whitebeard.

Abilities and Powers

As the first mate of the Red Hair Pirates, Beckman is the crew's second highest authority behind Shanks himself. He has a great deal of experience as the oldest of the crew's core members, and is especially known for his incredibly advanced intellect, having the highest IQ of any character introduced in the East Blue Saga (above the master strategist Kuro's).

In battle, Beckman is a very powerful fighter with superb combat effectiveness and agility. Twelve years ago he single-handedly defeated Higuma's crew of mountain bandits using only a cigarette and his rifle as a club. At the end of the Summit War of Marineford, marine admiral Kizaru chose not to engage with Beckman when the latter had him held at gunpoint, even though Kizaru had fought Marco earlier and even Whitebeard himself.

Beckman has demonstrated some stealth ability when the Red Hair Pirates arrived at Marineford to stop the war, able to climb up and sit on a Marine ship's mast to point his flintlock at a nearby Kizaru, a Kenbunshoku Haki user, without the latter noticing until Beckman made his presence known.

Busoshoku Haki

Beckman is a highly skilled user of Busoshoku Haki. He is able to imbue his rifles bullets with this type of Haki and they are powerful enough to penetrate the bodies of his enemies.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Beckman possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki.


Beckman carries a flintlock rifle with him, but he has yet to be seen firing it, instead having used it as a club on Higuma's men twelve years ago and as a threat against Kizaru.

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